Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR)

Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR) systems are highly efficient Goods-to-Person solutions designed for totes & cartons transportation and process optimization, providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and cost-effective warehouse automation solutions through robotics technology.  ACR system incorporates Robots, Workstations and Software Platform to perform picking, sorting, and transporting operations.

The ACR system has been applied in Fashion, 3PL, Retail, Electronics, Healthcare, E-commerce, and other industries. We are guaranteed deliver a successful solutions for your warehouse.

Manual Picking

  • Efficiency: 50-80 pcs/hr
  • Flexibility: High
  • Cost: High Operator Cost


  • Efficiency: 200-300 pcs/hr
  • Flexibility: Low
  • Cost: Vry High / Long Payback

ACR System

  • Efficiency: 400-800 pcs/hr
  • Flexibility: Very High
  • Cost: Economical / Short Payback

Safety Protections for Human-Robot Cooperation

Emergency Stop Buttons

Front/back Obstacle Avoidance

Collision Safety Device

Sound-light Alarming

HaiQ Software Application

HAIQ is an intelligent software platform for order fulfillment and inventory management based on AI algorithms. HAIQ is the central command for inbound, outbound, inventory management, and integrating with other devices.

  • IWMS: Intelligent Warehouse Management System

  • ESS: Equipment Schedule System

  • AI AIgorithm Platform

  • Data Platform

Remote Monitoring of Charging, Charging Station and Robot

Specially designed to provide intelligent charging for robot and ensure 7x24h operation. It can automatically detect plug-in connection, and realize remote monitoring of charging, charging station and robot.

One-stop solution, which can customize a complete set of charging systems according to customer business scenarios and warehousing automation transformation demands, thereby optimizing space utilization and reducing operating costs.

  • Convenient & Fast
  • Real-time Display
  • Dual-mode Operation

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