Electrical Design

Designing and laying out the right electrical system is always a challenging task that requires proper planning and research. A small lapse in the in the planning or implementation stage can bring the entire control system down. Hence, it is always important to choose the right electrical design service to avoid all design flaws during the planning stage and to bring proper harmony among all automation systems during the production stage.

Nido Automation has a team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers to help you with proper automation solutions with special focus on control system and electrical design. From small PLC upgrades to power management of your entire plant, our electrical experts can successfully complete the projects with adherence to industry standards.

Why Choose NIDO Automation?

  • End to end solutions: design, programming, implementation, training and service support
  • Custom software solutions: Your hardware needs software & we offer custom software solutions as you need.
  • Cost Saving: The most competitive rates in the industry with unparalled electrical design service.

  • Control panel design and development.

  • PLC programming & modernization.

  • Plant floor networking design.

  • Electrical proto-typing & testing.

  • Circuit design & wiring configuration.

  • CAD system management.

  • Manufacturing process & I/O flow setup.