Project Description


The existing method of wrapping the pallets in Stand Alone Pallet Wrapping machine involves:

  • manually carrying the pallet on turntable
  • then attaching the film tail to pallet & starting the wrapping machine
  • unloading the wrapped pallet manually

This process was very time consuming & labour intensive. Customer was not able to cope with seasonal high production demands. Therefore customer was planning to set up complete automation for End of Line Packaging ie. they were looking for Automatic Palletizer & Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine.

They contacted NIDO for fulfilling requirement of Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine and accordingly NIDO team visited site to understand the requirement in depth. After gathering all the data NIDO Team suggested “Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine – Rotary Arm, Model No.: ND-EOLP-SH-APM2300.


The solution that has met both customer’s budget & required production speed consist of following :

  • 1500 mm long Infeed Motorized Roller Conveyor
  • Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine – Rotary Arm, Model No.: ND-EOLP-SH-APM2300
  • 3000 mm long Motorized Roller Conveyor placed below Wrapping Machine
  • 1500 mm long Outfeed Motorized Roller Conveyor

The formed pallet from Automatic Palletizer Machine is received on Infeed Motorized Roller Conveyor then it moves to middle of Motorized Roller Conveyor placed below Wrapping Machine & wrapping operation starts automatically. Wrapping operation ends after set number of wrapping rotations are done. Then the pallet moves to the Outfeed Motorized Roller Conveyor, then this pallet is unloaded from the side of roller conveyor by a forklift.

The Pallet Stretch Wrapper’s automatic features facilitate a fast wrapping by eliminating manual operations. The film tail does not need to be manually attached to the pallet being wrapped, the machine does it automatically and also cuts and secures it at the end of the cycle. Manual operations are limited to unloading the wrapped pallet from outfeed conveyor. The Power Pre Stretch film unit provides the film with up to 200 % stretch. This pre-stretch unit not only makes the film stronger, it also dramatically reduces the amount of film used on each pallet compared to hand wrapping. That saving, plus reduced wrapping labour costs and increased productivity has made the new system very cost effective.


As a result of this new end-of-line automation, the customer has been able to easily cope up with seasonal high production demands. Factory managers also feel comfortable with having the potential to handle any increased future demand. The customer is pleased with the result so much that a similar project is currently being considered for their other plants.

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