CAPELLA Dynamic DWS System pushes the capabilities of the warehouse automation sector to the next level. It is a smart collaboration of multiple constructs of engineering working together in harmony to provide the exact solution that is not only wanted but needed in this decade Our complete solution complements your system by providing accurate information in an instant.

By measuring the dimensions, weighing and scanning the shipments in motion, we are assuring a throughput of thousands in a short span of time. The productivity of the process can be pushed upwards of 4500 pph.

Conveyor Belt Specification
Length (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Speed (m/s)
Infeed Conveyor140010008400.7/1.5
Weighing Conveyor180010008400.7/1.5
Outfeed Conveyor120010008400.7/1.5
Measurement Range
Product SizeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
Barcode Specifications
1D Code typesCode 39, full ASCII Code 93, Code 128, A,B,C, EAN, UPCA,UPCE
Minimum Size : 10 mil
2D Code typesQR, Datamatrix
Minimum Size : 30 mil
Maximum number of barcodes at a time4
Environmental Condition
Ambient Temperature0°C to 40°C
Relative HumidityMax 95% non-condensing
VibrationVibration free environment
  • Engineered to provide a throughput of more than 4500 pph for a box size of 600x600x600 mm.
  • Seamless integration with the WMS software
  • Integration with NIDO Deneb Series (In-Motion Sortation System) as well as NIDO Antares (Pick Put to Light system) ensures optimum goods and material management
  • Integration with NIDO Canopus Series ensures easy transfer of goods in inbound and outbound process

a.      Dimensioning

Any shipment passing through our system gets instantly measured by our 3D camera with upto +- 5mm accuracy. It is capable of measuring boxes of varying dimensions in any orientation at high speeds with integration .

b.      Real Volume Profiling

Using state of the art technology, we provide extremely accurate volume of items as well as real volume of odd shaped items like jute bags or irregular cartons that are very difficult to obtain otherwise.

c.      Weighing

NIDO’s special weighing conveyor is a rugged yet sensitive conveyor designed to handle items of different weights, but providing the same level of precision and accuracy of 40gm, while in motion!

d.   Barcode scanning

Our barcode scanning solution has semi-automatic as well as an automatic feature utilizing our proprietary vision algorithms and high resolution cameras  Enables fast and complete image capture of in motion parcels and barcodes

Our system comprises of

1)    Take Off Conveyor

This is the single point entry of shipments in our DWS. It is meant to be used for bulk loading process. This induction keeps in mind the principles of ergonomics and makes sure that minimum strain is caused to the operators.

2)    Infeed Conveyor

The bulk from the Take Off conveyor is phased smoothly and coherently into the DWS system with the help of an operator who places the cartons in the right orientation and position.

3)    Dynamic Spacer

Presence of the dynamic spacer ensures minimum distance between two parcels to perform accurate weighing. A spacer is added to make sure the user need not slow down their loading process.

4)    DWS Star/Tunnel/Unit

This unit performs core processes of profiling, dimensioning and weighing along with tracking via bar-code and other means. This system seamlessly combines intelligent sensors and standards gathered over years of expertise in material handling and logistics industry.



DWS System for large & Bulky Items

DWS System for Pass Through Packages

DWS System for Boxes & Cuboidal Items

Staic DWS System for Odd Shaped Items

End Of Line Packing Automation

End Of Line Packing Automation

Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Autonomous Industrial Vehicles

Software Solutions

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