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Our Telescopic Gravity Roller Conveyor is an automated loading unloading solution which uses gravity to move items from one point to another. Several sections of gravity tracks are stacked together which can be extended up to 5 times of it’s collapsed length to automate the loading and unloading operation.

  • No power needed.

  • Can be folded back to 1/5th of it’s expanded length when not in use.

  • Ideal for situations where loading bay is unavailable and material needs to be unloaded from the back of the container to the ground level.


Can be handled by a single person

Easy to expand and collapse

Height adjustable jacks

Robust swivel braked castors

Robust welded end stop

Can handle a variety of items


Telescopic Gravity Roller Conveyor
Total Layers-5
Extended Lengthmm20000
Closed Lengthmm 5500
Roller Material-PVC
Roller Diamm48.3
Roller Centermm75
Wheelinch8 caster with wheel
Power-Not required (Gravity)
Application -Loading / Unloading
Dimension (L x W x H)mm20000 x 610 x 1660

Don’t have a Loading Dock?

Our innovative high-rise telescopic gravity conveyor has you covered.

This efficient solution eliminates the need for a dock and streamlines your unloading process, saving you time and resources.

Telescopic Gravity Roller Conveyor - HighriseTelescopic Gravity Roller Conveyor - Highrise

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