Our leadership team is comprised of dedicated professionals with a shared vision for excellence and innovation. With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience across various industries, our leaders drive our company forward, guiding our team towards success and growth.

Nirav Doshi - Founder, NIDO Group

Nirav Doshi

Managing Director – NIDO Group

Nirav Doshi, the Founder and Managing Director of NIDO Group, is a forward-thinking entrepreneur in the machineries, automation, and robotics industry. With over a decade at the helm of the NIDO, he consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Nirav is an alumnus of the esteemed University of Michigan, where he earned his Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree with a focus on Industrial & Operations Engineering. This academic background has equipped him with a strong foundation in engineering principles, which he has effectively applied in machineries, automation, and robotics, further aiding him in his entrepreneurial endeavours.

Beyond his role as a visionary leader, Nirav Doshi possesses a remarkable skill set encompassing strategic planning, business development, and marketing strategy, particularly in intralogistics material flow and Read more

Devendra Wakchoure

Head – Engineering

Hardik Kamani

Head – Operations & Tech

Vyom Pandya

Head – Accounts, Finance & HR

Harsh Garg

Harsh Garg

Head – Product & Solutioning

Niti Doshi

Head – Marketing

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