3pl & logistics

Improved efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced customer satisfaction, and the
ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of supply chain operations


Automated loading unloading

CAPELLA MIDI In-motion DWS System

Inbound SKU weighing & dimensioning

Belt Conveyor

Inbound conveyors for material transfer


Light based order picking and sorting


High speed automated package sortation

Package strapping, wrapping and sealing

Autonomous industrial vehicle for material movement

  • Material flow – Flow of raw materials, spare parts, components and furnished products.

  • Large number of SKUs – Higher shipment volumes during peak seasons. Difficult to manage inventories due to unpredictable frequency.

  • Frequent small orders – Processing of small and grouped order with different delivery timeline and destinations.

  • Delivery Lead time – Slower delivery lead time always lead to customer dissatisfaction.

  • Speed, flexibility & accuracy – order turn around time, flexibility to meet changing needs, eliminate manual errors.

  • Control & Visibility – The bulk supplies from suppliers and orders from the customers must align for right inventory control and visibility.


The increasing demands from consumers have pushed the e-commerce companies to speed up their logistics operations for faster delivery or same day shipment. To manage it better, companies prefer to outsource their distribution and fulfillment operations to some third party logistics providers. This helps them to save costs from investing in warehouse space, manpower and technology.

Infusing the right automation & robotics system can help the logistics/ 3Pl companies to boost efficiencies, eliminate manual tasks and optimize the overall logistics operation.

At Nido Automation, we provide comprehensive Automation & Robotics Solutions to achieve higher throughput, accuracy and flexibility. Our Automation Solutions for 3pl & logistics companies can help you in:

  • Handling increasing shipment volumes

  • Reduced operational cost by eliminating manual tasks

  • Reduced dispatched planning time

  • Faster order fulfillment rate

  • Optimizing the distribution / Logistic process

  • Reduced shipment costs by eliminating incorrect billing

Transform Your 3PL Logistics Game With Cutting-edge Automation Solutions!

Ready to unlock a new era of streamlined operations and cost savings? Embrace automation for a smarter, faster, and more competitive logistics future.