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ASTRO For Express Parcel Industry

ASTRO for Apparel Industry

Unveiling Soon: A New Variant of ASTRO


  • Ability to handle a wide range of product profile.

  • Accurate & High Speed Sorting.

  • Small Footprint.

  • Easy & Quick to Deploy.

  • Modular & Scalable system that can ‘grow’ with you.

  • Low operations & maintenance cost.

  • Flexible to utilize only the amount of system needed at a point in time.

  • Parallels Concept – the entire system would never go down ensuring operations never take a complete hit.

  • Faster ROI.

Package Type: Boxes, Cartons, Jiffys, Polybags, Documents,
Bags, Odd Shaped (Conveyable) items
Package Size: 100 x 100 x 20 mm to 1200 x 1000 x 600 mm
Package Weight: 50 gms to 60 kgs
Throughput: Upto 30,000 pph
Sort Locations: Upto 1500 destinations

Witness how a simple belt carriage can be innovatively utilized to transform the manner in which intralogistics automation takes place. The canvas of your warehouse can be brought to life with endless possibilities.

Say Hello to Simple.

Say Hello to Non Conventional.

Say Hello to Automation that grows as you grow.

Say Hello to Automation TODAY.

Say Hello to ASTRO.

A Revolutionary
System with


ASTROinduct is a highly versatile system to cater the modern requirements. It can cater to any type of conveyable shipment or bag and can be combined with profiling (weighing, dimensioning & barcode scanning) of the shipments.

There are multiple options possible as per the application such as Single induct, dual induct, parallel induct, in-line induct, etc.

ASTROcart is a humble belt carriage used to hold and convey shipments. There are 3 main types of ASTROcarts that form the base of the building block. Basis the type of application and the solution designed, the correct ASTROcart placed in the optimal orientation, works its magic to bring the ASTRO EcoSystem to life.

These specially designed carts can either run independently or in unison with multiple other carts depending on the type of shipment is needs to convey.

ASTROtrack is a simple, yet innovative set of hardware which acts as the glue and binds all the other components of the ASTRO EcoSystem together. These are servo driven tracks that move the ASTROcart horizontally or vertically to the relevant position.

The length, the height and the orientation of these tracks can be selected as per the layout. They are specially designed to be low maintenance and high speed, and at the same time have precise positioning for sorting accuracy.

ASTROcollect is the wide range of options that can be utilized for the collection of shipments which move on the ASTROcart and the ASTROtrack. Depending on the shipment type and the designed solution which is specially designed with intelligent features.

ASTROcollect options include bag holders, bins, cages, single or multi level chutes, single bag trolleys, conveyors, multi bag trolleys, , pigeon holes, rack trolleys, tote holders, etc.

ASTROtech is the brain behind the entire solution. It is essentially the conductor of the ASTRO EcoSystem orchestra. It is a combination of Controls and Software that is highly intelligent with enhanced capabilities.

It intelligently tracks the shipments from ASTROinduct to ASTROcart, aids in moving the ASTROcart smartly on the ASTROtrack and commands the ASTROcart to drop a shipment in the correct ASTROcollect option.

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Building blocks, that are popular across the globe, are a system of base pieces that can be assembled and connected in multiple ways to construct various objects. Anything constructed can be taken apart again, and the pieces can be reused to make new things. This offers infinite possibilities in terms of size, scale and usability.

This got us thinking ......

Lego Blocks

Could we use existing ‘base pieces’ and assemble them in a way that solves a multitude of problems, thus eliminating the need for a different solution depending on the problem being addressed?

With our guiding principles of simplifying material flow automation and making automation accessible to all, we began the quest for the ultimate solution for sortation automation within warehouses!

Our Design , Product Development, Solutioning & Senior Leadership team put their heads together to come up with a solution, keeping in mind the following parameters:

  • The product has to be scalable.

  • The product has to be modular.

  • Should be easy to deploy.

  • Should have a low operations and maintenance cost.

  • Should atleast match all the offerings of current small, mid sized or large sortation automation systems.

  • Should be compact & have a faster ROI.

  • Should be an intelligent system to provide operational flexibility.

  • Should be different from all currently available solutions.

  • Can ‘grow’ along with the customers’ operations.

After over a year of trials, failures, iterations & learnings is born a revolutionary yet simple system that will change unit load sortation within warehouses.


Existing solutions are extremely rigid and designed to cater to specific applications ASTRO is extremely modular, scalable, flexible & comes in a variety of configurations as per client and application needs
Manual operations are inefficient, riddled with inaccuracies, do not provide a clear visibility and highly dependent on trained manpower ASTRO can grow with you. It can help you start off with automation at a very small level and expand as your needs increase. Due the extremely quick ROI, you can adopt automation and avoid manual operations
Simpler automation solutions lack intelligence and are not dependable. They are error prone, inefficient and typically have a low throughput / sort destination matrix. Mostly importantly they cannot handle extreme load variation ASTRO can replace the simpler automation solutions with its easy to deploy, cost effective, highly intelligent industry grade solutions. With high sorting speeds and high accuracy, these systems can easily replace existing simpler automation
The larger and more complex solutions are too expensive, have a long lead time & go live time. Typically they have a large foot print and need highly skilled manpower ASTRO with its smaller footprint, quick deployment, ease of use, simple intuitive design and a variable throughput / destination matrix is a clear winner. With the building blocks structure and flexible design where you use only the amount of system needed to process the packages, ASTRO has a lower operations & maintenance cost
Current systems have high downtime and are difficult and expensive to maintain ASTRO has a minimal number of parts which are very easy to replace and the modular structure means even in extreme cases, the entire system is never down – a system would only be down partially. This leads reduced maintenance headaches


  • E-commerce
  • Courier, Express, Parcel
  • 3PL & Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Retail, Fashion & D2C Brands
  • Pharma & Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • FMCG
  • Food & Beverages
  • Quick Commerce
  • Micro-Fulfillment Solutions
  • E-Commerce Operations
  • Order Consolidation / Order Fulfillment
  • Store Replenishment
  • Pharmaceutical / Retail Fulfillment
  • 3rd Party Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Postal and Parcel Sortation
  • Package Putaway & Picking
  • Inbound Package Sortation
  • Returns Sortation
  • Direct Bagging


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