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A range of putaway and storage automation solutions to enhance efficiency,
accuracy, and overall productivity.

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In a warehouse, putaway refers to the process of assigning the right place for the received products. With the right kind of put-away system in place, it gets easier to store the items, eliminates the chances of misplacement and keeping the items inside warehouse organized. Storage refers to moving the items to the respective racks or shelves. Both putaway and storage play a vital role in making the inbound process effective and error free.

We provide a broad range of putaway and storage automation solutions to move the received materials from the receiving zone to the storage zone. We understand the challenges you face while moving the items to the storage zones and organizing them for future picking and packing. Our automation solutions will help you in

  • Automated movement of received materials
  • Assigning the right place to make it available for the future picking
  • Organizing them as per the order frequency, item size or item type.

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