Order Consolidation

A range of automation solutions to optimize the shipping process, reduce
transportation costs, streamline fulfillment and improve overall efficiency.


High speed sortation system

Online palletized load wrapping


Light based order picking / putting


Conveyor automation solutions

CAPELLA MINI Static With Conveyor

Dimensioning, Weighing and Weighing System

Label Print and Apply


A successful order fulfillment process largely depends on the effectiveness of it’s order consolidation process. In an ecommerce or retail operation, there is a need of gathering all the items associated with a single order and packing them properly to avoid any missing or incorrect placement. An automated order consolidation process helps in gathering individual orders together and grouping them as per the destinations to save time and costs.

We provide a wide range of automation solutions to make the order consolidation fast, effective and accurate. Our order consolidation solutions will help you in

  • Optimizing the order picking process
  • Managing the just in time shipments
  • Smooth and effective material flow between packing and dispatch zone.
  • Faster order fulfillment rates

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