Receiving/ Quality Check

A range of automation solutions to maintain accurate inventory levels, ensure product quality,
and facilitate timely order fulfillment.

Online barcode scanning and weighing

Online Barcode Scanning & Verification

Dimensioning aand weighing

Dimensioning and Weighing

Belt Conveyor

Inbound Material Movement with Conveyors

Unmanned Material Movement With AMR

Vertical conveyor

Vertical Transport of Incoming Materials

Cross Docking – Direct Transfer of Inbound Data to Outbound Dock


Managing Data with Warehouse Management System

The warehouse receiving process is a critical component of supply chain management that involves the intake of goods and materials into a warehouse or distribution center. A well-organized and efficient warehouse receiving process contributes to accurate inventory management, enhances order fulfillment capabilities, and ultimately improves customer satisfaction. Implementing a combination of the above automation solutions can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse receiving processes, allowing businesses to handle larger volumes of goods with greater precision.

NIDO’s automation solutions for receiving process will help you maintain proper quality control and vendor compliance with a strict inspection, accurate verification and efficient data usage.

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