Cross docking removes the requirement for storage as the goods are unloaded from the truck or container and directly loaded onto the outbound truck or container.

There are 2 types of cross dockings. 1. pre-distribution cross docking and 2. post distribution cross docking. In the pre cross docking, the goods are unloaded, sorted and repacked with the distribution notes. In the post cross docking method, the goods lie in the facility till the customers are identified. Once done, the goods are then sorted, packed and dispatched.

Sorting is one of the most important part during cross docking operations. There are different techniques to sort the items like sorting by electric arm, steerable wheel, sliding shoe, cross belt and others. Once the items are unloaded, they go through scanning and based on the scanned data, they are sorted to different destinations.

At Nido Automation, we offer a wide range of sorting and cross docking solutions to unload, sort, pack and reload the items. Our automation solutions for cross docking and sorting will help you in

  • Reducing the storage dependency by directly loading the unloaded items
  • Scanning and sorting of items with 100 percent accuracy
  • Different sorting mechanisms depending on your application and product types
  • Customized software solutions to automate the data storage and transfer process.