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In a manual order picking process, an operator spends around 60% of his time in non-value adding activities other than picking. The process is never free from errors and scarcity of labour can be huge hurdle to pick and prepare the orders.

Automated order picking is the most important thing for faster and efficient order fulfillment. In today’s fast paced world, when there is a huge competition among the E-commerce and logistics companies to deliver the order on the same day, it has become quite important for them to look around for an automated and efficient order picking strategy to maintain order accuracy and handle high shipment volumes.

Nido’s automation and robotics solutions for order picking addresses the issues faced by the fulfillment centers while preparing the orders. We provide a wide range of automation solutions to automate the order picking process with great accuracy to meet the just-in-time order requirements. Our automation and robotics solutions for order picking will

  • Eliminate the risk of item damage due to repetitive manual handling
  • Improve traceability and fulfillment rate
  • Reduce the labour costs by automating the process.
  • Help in faster order fulfillment with 100% accuracy.

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