Unit Load & Tugger (AGV or AMR)


Pallet Handling AMR


Autonomous Case-handling Robot

NIDObots, the mobile robotics division of Nido Machineries Pvt. Ltd. assists in unmanning the material handling, movement and transfer with the help of our fully indigenously designed ERIS series & SIRIUS series bots which are powered by our NIDONav navigation and fleet management software. Our AGVs and AMRs can retrieve and carry items to and from the racking, lift and carry the goods around the warehouse production facility or distribution center, deliver and collect goods to and from the conveyor line and transport materials over a long distance.

We design, develop and manufacture the entire mobile robotics eco-system making our products practical, modular & integrated. From mechanical, electrical, PLC to the navigation and fleet management software, everything has been designed by our team to best suit your requirements.



One-stop Implementation Tool: Roboshop

Roboshop is a one-stop implementation tool, which can uniformly manage and configure all intelligent device with built-in AMR core controller. Roboshop, a simple but strong software, provides an efficient solution for the implementation of smart logistics.

Manages and configures all intelligent equipment in the LAN uniformly, including robots, intelligent equipment and various automation devices based on the AMR series core controller.

Simultaneous localization and mapping enables 2D or 3D maps to build accurately and efficiently.

With easy-to-use map editing tools and high details control, it can be smoothly edit even for large maps and what you see is what you get.

The robot is controlled in real time. The manual and automatic modes are freely switched, and the API commands are fully covered.

Rich configurable parameters to grasp details at your fingertips. Running status detailed status monitoring to get robot data at a glance.

Detailed status monitoring to get robot data at a glance.

Automatic calibration process eliminates mechanical and assembly errors to ensure the consistency of multiple robots.

Visual robot model editing covers size, motion model, drive model, lidar model, motor position, sensor position, peripheral mechanism and more, thus robot making is as simple as building blocks.

Integrated lof analysis tool analyzes robot running logs automatically easy to check errors.

With python script programming, it’s beyond doubt to control however complex the peripheral mechanism and logic are.

Visual recognition object model editing allows all kinds of shelves, racks, pallets and cages to recognize online.

Integrated with RDS fleet management system, scenario editing adds such senses as multi-type and multi-floor robot maps, charging stations, mutually exclusive areas, lifts, traffic lights, control cabinets, and automation device for dispatching management.


RDS Fleet Management System is a new generation dispatching system for mobile robots and factory automation logistics equipment. It provides customers with efficient solutions to quickly build application scenarios through a low-code business process engine, support business in transformation and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing.

Robot Dispatch

  • Route Planning : Considering the physical coordinate system and shape of the robot, a directed graph-based, multi-intelligent body collaborative planning algorithm (MAPF) for path searching can prevent and unlock deadlocks.

  • Transport Order-Robot Assignment : Based on an integrated evaluation function with configurable evolution factors. Consider prioritization, directed topological distance. Consider hitch ride, pre-ordering mechanism. For multi-storage robots, support for merging transport orders.

Worksite Management

  • A lightweight worksite management system that is refined to the row, column, layer, and depth dimensions of the worksite.

  • Configurable worksite photo electricity, real-time synchronized to a large high-fidelity visualization display.

  • Access to vision, synchronized to a large high-fidelity visualization display.

  • Setting the worksite content, filling, and locking status, it is easy to realize worksite management.

Device Management

Eliminate complex device configuration, support automatic door, pager, charger, worksite photoelectricity, electric control cabinet, elevator and other devices, user-friendly and realize intelligent linkage with multiple devices.

Just Six Steps ! RDS Helps Projects Launch Quickly

Solve the Following Pain Points for Users

  • 1. Complex business processes, changing requirements, closed system and difficult to expand.

  • 2. Multiple and difficult to use tools, complex interfaces and long deployment cycles.

  • 3. Routes are hard to design, takt time is hard to estimate, (robots) number of rash decision-making, can’t reach peak beats.

  • 4. Multi-robot collaboration, multi-region operation, multi-device interaction.

  • 5. Facing robot/system malfunction, difficult to identify the problem and no idea of how to solve it.


Autonomous Forklift Solution

QuickGo is a simple, safe and efficient pallet handling solution, which makes autonomous forklifts available to the public right out of the box, it allows users to quickly adopt and receive quick visible ROI. Minimum requirement for infrastructure, No need for complex programming, Intuitive operation, Goes live in a day.

  • Off the shelf solution : No need for network infrastructure, no need for complex programming, easy implementation, quick ROI.

  • Multi pallet recognition : Intuitive operation, quick learning. Robot workforce on-board in a day.

  • Quicker return of investment, ROI from years to months : Optimize cost expenditure, higher return on investment.