Outbound / Dispatch

A range of automation solutions to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational performance of the shipping dock.
CAPELLA MIDI In-motion with TBC

Telescopic Belt Conveyor  with DWS

Flexiable Wheel Conveyors

Flexible Roller Conveyor

Flexible Skate Wheel Conveyors

Flexible Skate Wheel Conveyor


Loading Unloading System

Barcode verification of the outbound items


Online weighing, dimensioning & counting


Dispatch process involves all the activities required to deliver the orders to the customer. This is the one of the most crucial stage in the warehouse or fulfillment process as the satisfaction level of the customer largely depends on the quality of dispatch materials. This is the doorway to earn good reputation and get positive reviews about youir products and brands.

Automating the dispatch process involves bringing the scanned goods to the bay area, loading them into the container, dispatch planning, vehicle selection and route planning.

At Nido Automation, we offer a variety of automation solution to make your last mile delivery fast, efficient and accurate. Our automation solutions for dispatch will help you in:

  • Automating the loading into the container
  • Automatic scanning, weighing & validation of the data
  • Dimensioning of the outbound shipments to match with the available container space.
  • Software to process and store the dispatch data

Revolutionize Your Warehouse Outbound / Dispatch Process Today!

It’s time to revolutionize your operations and embrace the future of dispatch automation. Take charge of efficiency, accuracy, and customer delight with our cutting-edge automation solutions.