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CONSTRUCTION WEEK – The Importance of International Best Practices for the Growth of Indian Warehouses

In the dynamic landscape of global trade, the role of warehouses is pivotal in ensuring the seamless flow of goods. For India to position itself as a global trade powerhouse, it is imperative that its warehouses evolve by adopting and integrating the best practices observed internationally. At the heart of global warehousing success lies

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CARGOCONNECT – The Role of Automation and Robotics in Shaping the Future of Warehousing

"Warehouses now employ robotics, conveyor systems, and advanced warehouse management software to boost efficiency and reduce errors. Further, data analytics and real-time tracking have become essential for optimizing operations." Mr. Nirav Doshi, managing director at NIDO Group shares his insights with Cargoconnect about the role of automation and robotics in shaping the future of

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THE HINDU BUSINESSLINE – NIDO Unveils New Warehouse Automation Ecosystem

NIDO Group, a warehouse logistics and automation company, has launched ‘ASTRO Ecosystem,’ an indigenous warehouse management system. The company expects it to redefine warehouse automation across diverse industries, including direct-to-consumer, third party logistics, e-commerce and the last mile delivery industries. The group has also filed a patent for this innovative homegrown technology. Nirav Doshi,

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