Our ANTARES Put to Light Systems can be used as an order consolidation / fulfillment solution to consolidate items for multi-item customer orders. Unlike picking the SKUs of the orders from the warehouse, it adopts a multi-line zone picking method to boost the order picking rate and throughput.

  • Zone picking enables faster pick rate compared to the standard order picking.

  • 2x faster order fulfillment

  • Easy to manage returns & exchanges

  • 99.99% accuracy, completely paperless

Order Fulfillment

Operator scans the individual SKU of an multi-item order and the parent order ID is assigned to an empty put location. The light glows the operator puts the item there.

By this way, all the SKUs gets clubbed or consolidated in a single put location.

When the order is consolidated with all the required items, the light glows in a different colour and indicates the operator to proceed for next stage of operation.

Operator takes away all the items from the put location and proceeds for order fulfillment. The empty location is then assigned to a new order.