Parcel Sortation System

ANTARES Pick to Light systems allow the operator to pick the received order using the light directed mechanism. Unlike the traditional order picking method where the picker moves around the warehouse to collect the items in a particular order, the operators pick the products from their assigned zones which ensures increased accuracy and picking rate.

  • 2x increase in picking rate

  • 99.99% picking accuracy

  • Scalable when there is an increase in SKU volume.

Picker 1 scans the assigned order ID, the light glows indicating the items to be picked up f rom the picker’s zone

The picker picks the items in the required quantity and presses the confirmation button.

The order ID then flows to Picker 2 who repeats the same process to pick the items in that particular order.

Operator takes away all the items f rom the put location and proceeds for order fulfillment. The empty location is then assigned to a new order.

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