Navigation Management Software

NIDONav is the next generation of composite LIDAR based natural navigation software that powers all SIRIUS and IZAR series. It has the intelligence to detect where the robot is, what it has to do, while taking care of onboard safety, zone based safety and battery management system.

With NIDONav, a robot becomes a resource that is safe enough to operate in any factory, smart enough to complete all the tasks, and easy enough to program yourself. It can handle all your movement needs with flexibility while treating your material with utmost care.


  • Precission

  • Flexible

  • Robust

  • Easy to Integrate

NIDONAV User Interface

On the NIDONav User Interface, it enables you to Within the robot, it handles everything from
Map your facility. Monitoring its own health
Create tasks for your robot. Optimizing its battery usage & recharging
Monitor your robot Localization and mapping
Troubleshoot and handle maintenance related activities. Identifying and or avoiding obstacles
Schedule and dispatch robot Adhering to the safety guidelines
Manually control your robot Collecting data
Add multiple user and user types for various activities Identifying trolley, pallet, pick and drop stations


  • Fail safe architecture built closely with hardware to provide the best response time, speed and reliability.
  • Advanced Localization and Mapping software, built in house.
  • Smart Safety System adhering to the international safety standards of industrial unmanned vehicles.
  • ANSI B56 Handles charging routines, optimizing battery usage when in idle mode.