Light control systems

Our proprietary software ‘Nidoworkz SortControl’ manages the entire sortation process data starting from the induction to the bar-code scanning, sortation and take-away. All the data can be viewed, exported and synced to the client’s ERP from a single user interface.

Software Features

  • Scans and captures the barcode & shipment image.

  • Sends sort or divert commands to the sorter.

  • Reports delivery to the destination on real-time.

  • Visualization and reporting with interactive charts and graphs.

  • Provides interface to connected devices – barcode scanner, weighing scales, print and apply system etc.

  • Controls the swapping between auto and manual sorting.

  • Automatic data export on real-time/batch mode basis.

  • Connectivity through ODBC, API or direct interfacing with client’s ERP/WMS Application.