Picking Cart

Picking Cart

Picking Cart is a model of order fulfillment in which associates move through a warehouse picking things off shelves and place them on a rolling batch picking cart for packing and delivery.

Pick to Light device is installed in each compartment of the Picking Cart. The Picking Cart can be tailored to the specific requirements of each warehouse or distribution center, such as the quantity of orders to be picked and/or the product specifications.

Picking Cart solutions result in a significant reduction in order picking errors. As a result, there is a reduction in reverse logistics costs.


  • E-commerce order fulfillment
  • Distribution Centers
  • 3PL order fulfillment
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Picking Cart Advantages

Combining a colorful, heads-up display that leads the employee to the next pick location with put indicator lights that show where product should be placed, the solution is easy to understand and quick to use.

Accurate Batch Picking

Because they support batch picks of multiple orders simultaneously, picking carts dramatically increase picking speed by up to 200%, while improving worker ergonomics by reducing the number of trips through the warehouse.

Customizable Carts

The system utilizes lights engineered for carts, or other mobile applications, where low power consumption is key for any type or style of picking carts.

High Order Efficiency

This illuminates lights on the cart near totes or shipping containers that require that product. Operators sort product to the correct order, in the correct quantities.

Feature of Picking Cart

  • Better Accuracy:
    Picking Cart systems increase productivity while also gaining widespread acceptability.

  • Customizable:
    Can be applied to any cart size, design, or configuration.

  • Affordable Automation:
    For companies that cannot cost-justify the implementation of a full pick-to-light system at every pick face.

  • No SKU Profiling Necessary:
    Mobile pick carts are ideal for facilities with a vast number of SKUs that cannot be categorized by specific velocity.