Sorter System

Our DENEB sortation systems automate the material transport and sorting process in your distribution centers and warehouses starting from the receipt of goods till sorting and dispatching, preventing wastage of time, materials and your valuable resources. Our one stop sorting solution are designed to turbocharge your sorting process from start to finish with great accuracy and throughput.

  • High Speed Automated Sortation system with a throughput of upto 12,000 PPH.

  • Scalable & Modular when there is a need to expand due to rise in SKU volume.
  • Can be integrated with barcode scanner, dimensioning, weighing, camera, PTL system etc
  • Custom designed software to track and monitor the sorted items.

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Our Sortation Solutions:

Cross Belt Sorter

Belt Carriage Sorter

Universal Ball Sorter

Universal Ball Sorter

Pop-Up Sorter

Pop-up Sorter

Steerable Wheel Sorter

Linear Arm Sorter

Narrow Belt Sorter

Tote Divert Sorter

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