Navigation & Fleet Management Software

The Enabler of Human Robot Collaboration

NIDONav is the next generation of composite LIDAR based natural navigation software that powers all SIRIUS and IZAR series. It has the intelligence to detect where the robot is, what it has to do, while taking care of onboard safety, zone based safety and battery management system.

With NIDONav, a robot becomes a resource that is safe enough to operate in any factory, smart enough to complete all the tasks, and easy enough to program yourself. It can handle all your movement needs with flexibility while treating your material with utmost care.

NIDONav Comprises of

  1. NIDONav Core, a software working with the hardware and controlling all aspects of the robot,
  2. NIDONav’s User interface, created with the intention to provide the flexibility in operations.
On the NIDONav User Interface, it enables you to Within the robot, it handles everything from
Map your facility. Monitoring its own health
Create tasks for your robot. Optimizing its battery usage & recharging
Monitor your robot Localization and mapping
Troubleshoot and handle maintenance related activities. Identifying and or avoiding obstacles
Schedule and dispatch robot Adhering to the safety guidelines
Manually control your robot Collecting data



NIDOFleet is an amalgamation of the Central Control Unit, Task Management System and Traffic Management System. It handles 

  1. Monitoring robot or fleets
  2. Troubleshooting and Maintenance Handling
  3. Scheduling and dispatching robots
  4. Charging activities and optimizations
  5. Data collection and analysis

Task Management

The Task Management software can receive a task list from a WMS/ MES system and pass on batch tasks to the fleet of robots. It is capable of operating with multiple types of robots and allocates the task according to the available robots, current battery levels of those robots and closeness of those with  target locations. This task manager also monitors the status of those tasks continuously. 

Traffic Manager 

The traffic manager has complete control over the traffic on the floor. It handles the prioritizing tasks, avoiding collisions or congestions on the factory floor. It also handles sending the robots to charging stations or wait positions while they are idle. This one very powerful software is capable of ensuring all safety protocols regarding safety zones are being followed while working with different types of robots. 

All of these can be monitored and controlled via the User Interface of Fleet Manager which enables control at multiple levels for 

  1. Starting or ending a shift.
  2. Adding or removing a robot from the fleet. 
  3. Programming the Safety Rules
  4. Monitoring and troubleshooting
  5. Maintenance activities

A combination of NIDONav and NIDOFleet ensures that your operations are running at maximum efficiency with the appropriate optimization done by our Software. Experience the power of intelligent robotics with advanced features like

  1. Queue Formation
  2. Collision avoidance 
  3. Human Robot collaboration 
  4. Advanced Data Collection




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