• Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor


Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) is mainly used to move materials from one floor to another floor in factories, warehouses & multi tier mezzanines with great safety. It is the electro-mechanical lift which transports items in a reciprocating manner on horizontal conveyors.

  • Capacity: 300 kg – 5000 kg

  • Lift height: 3m – 16m

  • Type: C type & Z type

  • Speed: 6m / min (can be customized)

If you are looking for a safe and cost effective way to move materials from one floor to another inside your factory or warehouse, VRC is the best option for you. Unlike normal elevators which are used to carry people, VRC is mainly used for material moving in a fast, convenient and safe way.

  • All doors are interlock with electro-mechanical limit switches.

  • Top & bottom safety limit switch provided to prevent carriage from hammering to ground & top, in case of floor limit switch failure.

  • Overload protection. carriage will stop, if the payload is excess than define load.

  • Deck lock system provided in case of critical application.

  • Its standalone structure, it doesn’t required any external support.

  • It doesn’t require pit & machine room.

  • Can be made as per customer requirement. It’s 100% customizable.

  • can be installed in Indoor, outdoor & shaft well.

  • Economic with all safety measures like anti free fall mechanism.

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